31 December 2011


Piddling, not an oft heard term, at least for me, but a word I use frequently. Whiling the hours away in camp, or burning time with new tools.

So I did some piddling with some new tools. I'm ecstatic with the double bit axe and the Voyager tomahawk, I had to do something with them and getting back into the woods just wasn't an option. Making shavings was the next best thing!


  1. Georgous blades and damn fine feather sticks! I struggle to get them that nice with a knife. It looks like I need to do some piddling!

  2. Well, they're certainly sharp enough. :) With one of those blades you could certainly take care of a lot of tasks in the bush. Thanks for showing.


  3. It must be the artist in me, but I love those curls of wood :)