14 August 2009

Just what the world needs, another grouch...

Well not really.

What the world needs is truth and it has been my experience that when you need the truth you usually get it from a grouch. A person not caught up in warm fuzzies and political correct niceties, generally speaking you often do not get the straight dope from those afraid to hurt your feelins, have an agenda or work for someone else.

So what qualifies me for this role?

I'm not selling anything.
I'm not promoting anything, other than logical thinking and making your mind up for yourself.
I don't have to make anyone happy.
I don't owe anyone, anything.
I've got nothing to gain from any of it.

Think about it, when you really want an honest opinion or thought do you really ask your best friend, spouse, mom or other person that cares about how you feel? I don't, usually ask someone with nothing at stake, like dealing with me if I don't like or agree with what they tell me.

So why do it?

The hell of it. Pass the time, enjoy the ride, and because there is not enough honesty in the world.

So what the hell are we talking about?

Straight commentary, at least from my perspective, on everything from politics to products. My interests run in a diversified manner. From firearms & self preservation to good conversation & better coffee. I tend to point out the crap that is so obvious most folks overlook it, or crazy stupid antics from the hill that our representatives do and get away with.

Drop back from time to time, never know what you might find.
Till then, me an the dog have wood to cut.