18 April 2016

Another Weekend Jeepin' in the Utah Backcountry

It was my weekend in Utah and I hit the road again. Rolling down to Capitol Reef to do the Cathedral Valley Loop. The video captures most of it but here are the stills for those who don't do video.

Packed and ready to roll.

After crossing the Fremont River into Cathedral I loaded lunch onto my manifold. Ye old burrito in a tin on the engine lunch.

Set the bezel, about an hour usually does it.

Back on the trail.

Lunch time!

Just right!

With rain and darkness on the way I finished the 60 mile loop and headed northwest towards Fishlake National Forest where I'd camp for the night at around 9,000' elevation.

Getting back up to that elevation mean lower temperatures and snow.

 Sleeping quarters for the night. Thermarest Neoair Xtherm on a canvas fleece backed bedroll and a Kifaru Woobie.

 It got down to 28 degrees and while I wasn't overly warm I wasn't cold either. I imagine that without the pad this would have been quite uncomfortable.

Homeward bound.
Thanks for looking!