18 August 2012

Skab Leatherworks

I've previously posted about some of the knives I'd commissioned Matt at MP Knives make for me. A bowie and a modern rendition of Otzi's knife. Well I'd also contacted Skab Leatherworks for some of his custom rawhide sheaths. Skab does some amazing work, just outstanding creativity and craftsmanship that looks absolutely amazing.

He's done with two if the three pieces, shown below without commentary as his pictures speak for themselves. You can reach him through his forum storefront at Skab Leatherworks.

The Bowie

The Otzi

11 August 2012

A Babe in the Woods

I'm a big fan of kids, I came from a big family and now I have five kids of my own. My youngest is a real Daddy's boy, always into everything, making b-lines for door when it opens, throwing rocks, eating dirt and wrasslin' the dawgs. A boy's boy if there ever was one. Today was his first long hike, at just shy of eighteen months he's not a through hiker yet!

His favorite past time is rock checkin, once I've confirmed it's just a rock he proceeds to his second favorite past time, rock chuckin'.

Young mullein to the right, we found a lot of that today.

You still back there Dad?

Found some Gooseberry bushes.

And this massive caterpillar, I believe this guy goes on the become a Luna Moth.

Okay Dad, I'll help you find some stuff.

Are these good to eat?

Let me fix my shoes Dad, and we'll get going double time!

More Mullein...

Highbush Cranberry

Okay Dad, I need a higher vantage point.

Passing by 'Methuselah', an ancient tree that just won't fall, been like this for ages now. Guess it's our 'White Tree of Gondor'.

We had to take a siesta about half way back, he was just sapped, he took a little nap on my anorak in a shady spot. Truth be told Dad needed a breather too.

09 August 2012

Stopping the rattle

I can't stand the rattle of folding handles on cups and cookware.

The fix was stupid simple for me.

Piece of para-cord gutted, slipped along the wire of the handles, heated to shrink and to tie up the frazzled ends.

No more rattle and an easy couple minutes to do. Handles are cooler to the touch as well, and so far hold up well. I would not expose them to direct flame though, I imagine that would get kinda messy.