09 August 2012

Stopping the rattle

I can't stand the rattle of folding handles on cups and cookware.

The fix was stupid simple for me.

Piece of para-cord gutted, slipped along the wire of the handles, heated to shrink and to tie up the frazzled ends.

No more rattle and an easy couple minutes to do. Handles are cooler to the touch as well, and so far hold up well. I would not expose them to direct flame though, I imagine that would get kinda messy.


  1. Clever solution!
    Is it heatproof?

    I found myself a piece of stretching fabric and made a "sock" to pull over my Dutch canteenmug, keeping the handles and lid in place and providing a barrier between that and the cookingpot it rests in.

    1. Mostly heatproof, but not flame proof. Heat made it shrink down to the wire a bit, keeping it out of direct flame is required.

  2. Nice idea. A leather wrap would probably work well too.