06 April 2011

ML Knives

There are rare moments in life where something slipped to hand simply resonates, the object could be any one of a number of things. A rifle, a bow, a watch, while there are a multitude of similar versions on the planet, there is one that just sings. It's a moment all have felt at one point or another, might have been fleeting but chances are it wasn't. Something inside just sounds off and a connection is made. Many of the things that I have with me most often are of this sort. They are favorite friends carried over many miles, always at hand and ever reliable.

From the looks alone, and along with handling one at a knife show I knew I'd like Matt Lesniewski's knives and placed an order last October.

I received them and while I haven't been able to get much field time in I've been thoroughly  impressed with them so far.

Initially I was ordering only the big Hudson Bay variant but at the last minute I decided to order a Kephart model as well. Man O Man am I glad I did.

I'm a fan of big knives and a bigger fan of old designs like the Hudson Bay. The heft of this knife combined with a super comfortable handle and an incredible edge add up to a great chopper. Bites deep and solid, prying wasn't a problem. No hot spots in the hand at all.

The Kephart is a joy to hold and use, edge is perfectly sharp and the size is perfect for most bushcraft type activities that I engage in. I'm very impressed with this knife, fit and form are top shelf craftsmanship. Matt did a tremendous job on the set, but the Kephart just came out perfectly suited to me.

The sheaths are also first rate, high quality, elegant simplicity, rugged, functional and well executed. I have no doubt they'd last a lifetime.

I've no complaints, they were well worth the wait and cost. There is a very good chance I'll have Matt work up a matching Nessmuk in the near future. I expect to be posting a lot more about these knives over the summer and into fall.