26 June 2017

In Loving Memory

Carol Michelle Dellinger, wife and mother of five slipped from this world on Sunday, June 25th.

Carol was born in Radford Virginia, December 1970. The daughter of Margaret Ann Bain and Daniel Ray Lytton. Sister to her younger brother, Jason Lytton. She attended Auburn High School in Riner Virginia where I, her loving husband, met her in 1988. I knew then as I know now, she is and always shall be the absolute love of my life.

Carol would become the mother of five. Daughter Chaviely Grace Dellinger in December of 1994, son Remington Cain Dellinger in August 1996, son Riley James Dellinger June 1999, daughter Rayne Anna-Lise Dellinger December 2001 and son Caiden McKinley Dellinger in February of 2011.

The most important thing in the world to Carol was her family. She cared for us in all things in all ways. She was also an avid reader whose book collection was ever growing, she was an artist and made jewelry as well as painted, she had a passion for the collecting of dolls, a whole room in our home dedicated to them. Ever faithful, she kept God in our lives and her own.

Carol, my sweet Carolly Carolly, was my life. My rock, she was my reason for being. She was my rudder and her, more than I, kept us afloat upon the seas of life. She colored pictures for me and wrote to me in my darkest hours, she rarely asked for anything and though I gave everything, she was happiest with her family, it was all she ever truly needed. She was the best wife and mother I and my children could have asked for.

Our nearly 30 years together was filled with the joys and toils of life but ever through what came, Carol was there for our children and me. I shall forever be grateful, for everything.

We miss you. I miss you, so terribly much.

Carol is survived by her children, Chaviely, Remington, Riley, Rayne, Caiden and her husband Jim. Also by her father Daniel and her brother Jason as well as many others who loved her immensely.

All is ash.

I cannot breathe.