06 January 2016

Turning the page...

When I moved to Minnesota I thought I'd never leave, 'bury me here' I believe was the phrase I used. The sentiment was 99% based on the outdoors opportunities and the location in which I lived, here in the wilderness of North East Minnesota.

I suppose things and people change. It's tough to stomach some of what this state has become and on so many different levels. That opened a susceptibility of sorts and I am succumbing.

I was made an offer by a company based in Utah, the company is incredible, the opportunity one that I cannot turn down. As a result I've resigned from my current employer and accepted the offer. I'm moving to the western Rockies, the Wasatch & Unitah ranges.

Probably the hardest decision I've ever made, I've been with the same company for a decade and it has made a lot possible for myself and my family. Between the change in jobs, allowing me a fresher environment to work, located in a place I truly love, I simply couldn't turn it down.

I am quite excited about the change both in location and occupation. I may be absent for a while, perhaps more than is usual. So I wanted to take this time to both update the folks who read my rambles and to thank you for that readership as well as the many whom I communicate with privately that had a hand in helping me with this decision.

There are things I will miss about my north woods home, and there are some things I will not miss. 

Thank you Dear Reader, and see you in the Rockies!