07 August 2012

He's Growing

Seems like not all that long ago I was posting about my youngest son's birth in February of last year. Time has been flying, he's grown into a lightening fast into everything overly curious toddler, of whom Dad could not be more proud.

From then...


To now...


  1. That's great man. Soon he'll be wondering behind you on the trail. Good times ahead.

  2. Ha, you gotta love the Hulk t-shirt, too. He sure looks like a happy little guy!

  3. They grow up so fast....
    man, it is impossible to keep up! We'll be growing old equally fast too, if not faster... LOL

    And it'll be up to us to tell and teach them all we have learned ourselves.

  4. Ain't that the truth? They best things in life look back at you and say "Daddy".

  5. Your mini-Hulk will surely be a great outdoorsman with you as a dad. :)