02 January 2012

New Dedicated Bushcraft Project Area

I wanted to create a dedicated bushcraft/piddling area near the house, I want to create the initial area and accouterments using just the Nessmuk double bit and my improvised bucksaw. I'll use the area for general bushcraft as well as BushClass lessons from Bushcraft USA. This is the first of a series that should last many months with a planned conclusion of December 2012. I'll update it each time I complete a section or project.

Some of the projects I am planning for this area include:

Multiple Bushcraft Tools and Smaller Projects
Wood processing Station
Camp furniture
Trapper's Cabin
Improvised Well for water collection
Vegetable Garden
Smoke House and Rock Oven
Hide Tanning Station
Others to be announced.

Some of the projects will obviously be seasonal, and others will require more complex or larger tools. I will however limit the tools to hand, no power tools.

The way that I do things is my own way, they may or may not be the best way. I'm no expert, no guru, just a guy with an affinity for this sort of thing. Nothing more and nothing less.

This first video includes roughing out a working table top from a large downed tree that crosses the project area.

Gear for the first day of the project, pack, bucksaw, Nessmuk double bit.

This is a general view of the area, you can see the large log on the left with all of the limbs, I used the Nessmuk to limb that entire area that I intend to use. I also used it to clear the scraggly brush and whatnot.

While I was limbing the log, I discovered huge areas of fat wood, definite plus!

Better view of all the limbs and brush that has to come out. The video shows the progress. The little Nessmuk worked fashionably well. The handle is thin though, and it's going to take some getting used to.

Finished out the couple hours I had to work on this with a good smoke. The roughing out of the work table, clearing the area and further details can be found in the video.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I like that little axe, but for THAT kind of work, give me a 3.5lb. double-bitted axe with a 36" handle!

  2. looking good. seems you will be putting that little nessmuk through its paces.

  3. Awesome stuff with great tools. What is the small folder your carrying? Looks like a "Canoe" knife by Schrade, Buck or another. Thanks for the great vids.

  4. Hey Anon, it s a Case Canoe in Amber Bone.

  5. Great stuff! I'll be working on making my primitive campsite more permanent as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Hello. What backpack is that? I would be quite keen to know and buy one. Duluth, perhaps?

  7. Hello Izzy,

    That pack is an older model Nessmuk from Frost River that I've modified quite a bit. It's about 2100ci, and as stock is on the small size for fit with a bigger guy. I lengthened the shoulder straps and also modified it to work with an ALICE frame. It's a great day pack and on a frame will actually work as an overnighter pack.

    The link below will take you to the new version of that pack.


    Good luck...

  8. Thank you, Grouch. I am enjoying your blog. You have a clear respect for the older materials and that I like and trying myself to move into that direction. Back towards what I call "Cotton, canvas and leather."

  9. I can't wait to see these projects develop! This has the making of a great blog.