05 January 2012

Update to the Bushcraft Project Area

I had some time to kill after work today so I went down to the project area to piddle and knock out a Buchclass elective. I carved a seat complete with cupholder out of a section of that large pine log.

I cleared some more of the area, limbed the pine trees that were down in the immediate area and then peeled them for future use on the Trapper's cabin project to come.

Some of the work done today.

I stepped up a size on tools, though I am still using the Nessmuk and the improvised buck saw I also incorporated a full size double bit axe and my Wetterlings Hunter's axe. Still did the regular limbing with the Nessmuk though. Used the big double to cut that large pine into sections.

This is the first section I cut out with the double. I'm going to carve the face of this and fabricate my own miniature totem-pole out of it.

The second section I chopped out, it's about to become the first piece of furniture for the project area.

While I was peeling the logs for the cabin I realized they are just loaded up with fatwood, one of them is darn near solid fat wood for four or five feet!

Didn't have a lot of time today but wanted to do a quick update.

Here's the video of making the bench seat with cup holder.

More to come.


  1. looking good. i am excited to see this trapper cabin come into existence

  2. Maybe you should save that pine for fires instead of logs and furniture!

  3. Inspiring, once again!

    Your blog is in a league of its own, bud. :)


  4. Thumbs up, enjoy your blogs and videos. Keep us updated.