10 December 2011

Modded a new Hawk

I got my trailhawk from Bushcraft Outfitters the other day and spent a few hours on it and making some leather for it.

Did what everyone else does, stripped it, sanded and stained the handle, done a little wood burning to it.

Used a leather stain, which looks nice in the Hickory, then tried aging it a bit, then a good couple coats of BLO.

I made a simple edge mask, and a belt carry piece. I attached the mask to the belt piece so that I can't lose it. The video at the bottom is very short and shows how it works. Over all I'm satisfied with the work and the hawk.

While I like it I'm not sure I like it more than the old Norse hawk I have. I'm still considering that longhunter from 2Hawks, or the Voyager.


  1. Nice job! Looks like a totally different hawk from the original. I especially like the leather handle guard just below the head. The sheath and belt loop are very nice as well.


  2. Nice mods. Does the collar mean that the head isn't easily removable?

  3. That collar is tight but it slides down and off if I want to remove the head. I sanded the handle until there is a near perfect fit with the head. Couple inverted taps and that head it on TIGHT. The leather collar is more to protect the handle there, just below the head.