31 December 2011

Two Hawks Voyager, and dedicated customer service

The original order arrived on Christmas Eve, and I wasn't completely satisfied.

After speaking with the parties involved I was assured that an unsatisfied customer was simply unacceptable.

Devin Price, the owner and maker of Two Hawks Tomahawks shipped an expedited replacement order which arrived quickly.

Inside the box was a hand written note from Devin explaining his dedication to customer satisfaction, I believe he is absolutely committed to satisfying every customer he has.

As I pulled the hawk from the box I was floored, not only was the Voyager Hawk exactly what I had expected, there were other items in that box as well.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, though they are not the best.

All in, Devin had included two replacement handles with the Voyager, and then went over the top and added a double bit small axe, a la Nessmuk, a replacement handle for it and leather accouterments for all. Frankly I was a bit dumb founded.

The edges on the blades are exceptional, the finish is superb. The pictures don't do the tools justice. In the coming days and weeks I'll post more about these tools, as they are going to get heavily used.

I appreciate the fact that Devin went above and beyond to satisfy a customer. His commitment to that end has been clearly demonstrated.


  1. That is awesome, let us know what you think of the small double bit axe, I have wanted one for years but never got one.

  2. Roger that bigvisk, will do. I've wanted one forever and a day as well. I'll definitely be using it. It's kind of a new concept for me, the double edges, we'll see how it works out. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Damn, that's what I call service! Nice blades!