03 December 2011

Bushcraft USA Knife by Adventure Sworn

One of the more anticipated knives that I have ordered over the years arrived this morning. Back on May 28th of this year Bushcraft USA announced the Official Bushcraft USA Knife.

The knife was something to behold, beautifully executed, great materials, good design, great craftsmanship. All around a very nice knife. Wasn't long after that I placed my order for one, in stabilized Black Ash Burl.

She showed up today.

I'm quite satisfied, now, I just need to get some field time!


  1. Just got me a NEW A/Sworn bush knife today
    from the used market... brand new.
    I own many knives and I think it will become
    one of my favorites reallllll fast.
    Cody makes nice steel

  2. That's awesome Shooting pouch. Hope it serves you well, I'm liking mine more and more. Fire prep was a breeze with it, the spine is perfect material and shape for fire steel use. All around I'm really satisfied.

  3. Beautiful work of art. Your photography is top shelf, too.
    I'm in line for an AS knife just as soon as their back log gets caught up. I'm partial to the iron wood scales. Til then, I'll have to keep pushing my BHK Nessmuk (which is also a great knife).

    Happy Trails