10 December 2011

Improvised Bucksaw

It's not really a new or novel idea, I read about it in Cache Lake Country, Life in the North Woods, by John Rowlands, published in 1947. His version is much simpler but still functional. If you haven't read that book I highly recommend it, very good read and loaded with some great and practical ideas.

I typically carry a 24" Trailblazer bucksaw blade in a 100mg tin. It coils up and fits in that tin nicely. Doesn't weigh anything really, and since I don't always need a saw it saves me from carrying one all the time. Then there is the occasion when I need to process wood, a lot of it. A saw is much more efficient at processing a nights worth of fire wood than trying to do it all by axe.

The video below is a set of images with instructions on what I do and where, and some sawing with the one I worked up. It's a simple affair that turns into a serviceable tool. Try it a few times to get a feel for it,  you really don't want to be betting a frigid night without enough wood for the fire on your first attempt.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Very similar to the bucksaw I bought from Northwest Woodsman, only cheaper. I also like the idea that you don't have to carry the wooden pieces around with you.