21 December 2011

Finished a couple leather working projects

I've been playing around with leather working, and finished two projects recently. Nothing complicated or fancy. A belt pouch and a rifle stock shell carrier.

The shell carrier is for the Savage 24V, .223 over 20ga. The belt pouch will hold miscellaneous goodies, a tinder box with flint & steel, tinder, an emergency blanket, compass, PSK tin, spare ammo.

I'm enjoying leather working and have some more projects lined up, always nice to learn something new, especially when that something is closely related to enjoyable hobbies.


  1. Both look sharp!
    And I didn't comment the other day, but that is a very fine over under Savage. What a thoughtful, useful gift!

  2. That leather work you did a few weeks back or so got me itching to do one. Getting the Savage was exactly what I needed to get it done.

  3. im new to the site but interested in the price of that savage what caliber is that chambered in. thank you

    1. It's .223 / 20ga.

      Don't know what the going price is for them, far as I know they don't make them anymore and I'm not selling this one.

      Might find some traction on gunbroker and such.