17 December 2011

Sometimes you've got to get out

Time is precious, and here lately it has been real hard to come by. I just had to get out though, even if only for a little while.

So I hit the trail today with the dogs in tow just to get some fresh air. Our higher elevations, my place, got some snow while the lower elevations have none.

Spent some time working on the shelter, cutting more wood with the improvised bucksaw, BACON, then a hike down to the river which is beginning to freeze.


  1. I noticed the dogs were very attentive of the bacon!

  2. When running water freezes over, it's COLD!

  3. MAN you're lucky! We're still hovering above freezing (36*F right now), our snow has melted again and it's muddy...again. Get out as much as you can before the next heat wave hits you!!! ;)

    Thanks for showing. Looks like you had a nice time once again.