18 December 2011

Longbow, Flint, Steel, & Red Bushy Tail

Our late season archery is still on, so I got out again today with longbow in hand. Went light, nothing but the haversack and bare essentials. Was a good day to be out, covered a lot of ground.

Lots of tracks, Pine Martin, Snowshoe Hare, Fox, Coyote, Deer, and all manner of smaller critters.

Unexpected lunch, video is short, flint and steel and some of the stuff I gathered along the way.

Labrador Tea in winter mode....

My unexpected lunch. Mr. Red Bushy Tail. Clean and instant kill, blunt to the head. Our squirrels are small here, all are the red variety but they never get big like the ones in the south. Ours are the American Red Squirrel, sometimes called the pine squirrel. In the years I have lived up here I've never seen a grey squirrel, only seen those in the southern half of the state. Back east where I was raised there was nothing but big old fat grays.

Fire Prep

Short video, flint and steel, some char cloth and blowing the coal into flame within the cedar stripping I gathered earlier.

Found more tinder on the way out, this nest was about 7' up a spindly sapling.

Enjoyed today's outing quite a bit, the more I get out the more I want to be out. Thanks for coming along.


  1. Gray squirrels are all we have here. Love them!

  2. Well spent indeed, the only problem I got with bummin my backwoods is coming back to reality.

  3. red squirrels are vicious. they will actually chase out grays i have heard. around here we have patches of both. but if you get real far from "civilization" it seems reds are more likely to be found.

  4. "the more I get out the more I want to be out": You said it, brother.

    Nice catch and nice day out. Wish some snow would stick around over here as well.


  5. We have all three varieties of Eastern Squirrels... I love hunting them and they provide a lot of amusement during deer season!

  6. Here in the cities (MN) we have grey, white, black, and red. Thanks for the great post!

  7. Haha... I just posted about how three of us couldn't get a squirrel with a BB gun. Blunt to the head... something to aspire to. As always, thanks for the beautiful pictures and great adventures.