26 January 2014

Winter Shelter Build Part I

Even with my travel schedule I'm trying to get out for at least one day on the weekends. In this case I wanted to build a winter shelter, piddle with an axe and just breathe some frozen northland air, all of which I was able to do.

Cold doesn't do justice to describing the temperatures. We were -15F* today and with the wind it was a sharp cutting kind of cold. Nevertheless I had to go, some time in the snow among the trees was in order.

Ace tagged along to supervise my construction.

While it was cold and the wind was blowing snow all about I was relatively comfortable throughout the day. Heavy wool pants and pullover along with a merino wool base layer was sufficient.

Once the frame was in place I started filling in between the logs and adding boughs over and on the ends.

Time to enjoy a couple of the finer things in life, good tobbaco, shelter from a storm and a warming fire.

With some luck I'll finish the shelter or get close to it next weekend, maybe an overnight in it as well. Thanks for looking, see yas next weekend.


  1. Looks comfortable enough in there. I was listening to the radio this morning as they talked about the cutting cold in MN and the Dakotas right now, and your family up there crossed my mind. On a side note, have you ever read any of William Krueger's fiction?

    1. Thanks Corey.

      I've not read Krueger's works though I am somewhat familiar with him. Mystery/crime writing, most of the settings are Minnesota I think.

    2. Yes, that is it. His verbal descriptions of the cold always bring to mind the pictures I see from you here!

  2. Excellent shelter and a beautiful dog.


  3. You should check out http://www.reddit.com/r/PipeTobacco/ if you haven't already.