02 January 2014

Chaga Dyed Moose Toe Firesteel

Pretty proud of how this one came out. I dyed it with Chaga that I collected. Cut the black outer shell off and boil it, add what you want to dye and viola a nice rich brown on bone.

The firesteel is a Armageddon Gobspark blank, 3/8" x 4". The steel is inserted into the bone 1.5" and epoxied in. I've not had any trouble with the one I've been using and this one is made the same way.

This is one of the finest looking firesteels I've ever put together, unique one of a kine piece of the Northwoods.

No matter how you hold it, it will form a nice comfortable grip, almost like the bone was meant to be held in the hand. In the next two images I am holding it both ways and as you can see it forms a nice grip.


  1. Great Stuff Brother Always enjoy your Blogs and post, Take care and Happy New Year

  2. Great looking piece there, and thanks for the quick how to as well.