11 January 2014

Bacon & Rabbit - Chaga & Otzi

A day in the Northwoods walking the snare line. The weather was changing again, warmer, almost a heat wave as we made it to the mid to upper twenties today. The warmth cause a mist to rise from the frozen snow, everything was promptly encased in ice as the mist solidified.

Undeterred I wanted to make the best of it, this will likely be my last weekend of freedom for a while. Every year at this time my work intensifies dramatically with travel. Most years I am absent from the woods for the first four months or so. Only occasionally getting out, when my sanity has been stretched to the breaking point I'll turn to the woods for solace.

*I messed the timing up for the text versus the images they go with. Took several hours to get this one uploaded and I'm not going to redo, I figure you folks can bear with it. Sorry for the timing mess up.

The video captures the day but for those who don't want to watch it the stills are below.

Some scenery on the way into the frozen halls of my backwoods.

There was a rabbit in one of my snares, going to be a good lunch!

I headed back to my hunting camp.

Gear for the day. BisonGear pack, Wetterlings axe, broad hat from Lucky 1-2 Sutlery, and a wool beanie my wife made for me.

Fire prep time. I don't post a lot of pics of the Otzi that Matt made me, it was his first Otzi and he's made a lot more since this one. It's one of my most prized possessions, it rides in a neck sheath made by Skab, nuff said.

The action for the fire prep including ignition with Otzi via firesteel is in the video.

With a fire on it was time for some Chaga tea. I've been carrying it in a Saami style pouch, really like this.

Once I had some hot tea in me it was time to clean the rabbit. I had something special in mind for lunch.

Bacon & Rabbit Kabobs! The video has some nice grease dripping crackling action.

The walk out was much like the walk in.

I tossed the bacon and rabbit stick to Ace when I got back. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great post as usual Jim. I am sure Ace got a little more than the stick.

    1. You bet, was tough but I shared some meat.

  2. Love your post Mr. G. Made me want to get out. I really like your Otzi knife.... so great that you carry it in your pack! Have you ever seen his the way his belt works? I made and carry a belt very similar to his and it works very well. Here is a post about it http://bushcraftusa.com/forum/showthread.php/71620-Make-your-own-Iceman-belt-%C3%96tzi-s-5300-year-old-belt-attachment-system-reborn! Have fun out there.

    1. Thanks! I did see that post, in fact I have it bookmarked because I wanted to do something similar. Good stuff!

  3. Great site Mr G. I love the content and videos and photos so very interesting thank you for sharing all of this with us. :)