18 January 2014

Unexpected Incredible Generosity - A Cruiser for the Backwoods

Last week I received a message from KA-BAR USMC on the Buschcraftusa.com forums regarding a 'package' he was sending me. We had recently been discussing some issues he was having with his pack gouging into his back and I'd sent him some beaver fur to pad it out hoping it would help. As always communication with Wayne is a pleasure. I left early the next week for Denver, little did I know the package had arrived at the lodge via UPS.

I got home last night and opened it. I was floored. I know it is often said by many people on those forums that the generosity and kindness is over the top. That's always been true and I've been blessed once more. I was astounded at what I pulled out of that box.

A 2.5 pound Collins Cruiser with a octagon handle. It was evident it had been restored with skill and care. I simply couldn't believe he'd gifted this to me. I've been looking for the 'right' one for a while now, never seeming to be able to pin one that I really liked down. I've got a 'want' gear list and this slot for a woods cruiser has been left unchecked for years. Wayne had no idea that I had been on the hunt for this, not only had he gifted the axe he unknowingly gifted a check by that box. It's perfect and exactly what I had been searching for.

I'm no axe master, not an aficionado or historian, I'm a user of axes but certainly not an expert. I know what I like though and this is top shelf. I spent the morning laying in the edges I wanted and headed to the woods to use it.

Thank you so much Wayne, there are things that happen in life that are rare and unexpected that leave lasting impressions and this is one of them. I am grateful and astounded at your generosity and kindness Sir.

Thank you.

No scenery shots today. I was on a pretty tight timeline and the snow was deep so I just humped back to the spot and got to work.

This is best watched in HD and full screen. Just some stills, some fire making, some plans for something new and a spoken thank you.

Ace approved of the whole venture.


  1. That is VERY neat. I've seen octagon handles on hammers before, but not on an axe. Congratulations on having a good axe and a good friend.

    1. Thanks GS, I haven't seen too many of them either. Really like the way they feel in use. I didn't get the feeling of torquing in the hand line the round version.

  2. Like I said before; you reap what you sow.
    A splendid looking axe and Ace turned out to be one magnificent looking dog! Both received a good home, I think.

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! A friend indeed.