23 September 2012

Took the long way home

There's always a change after I put the first venison in the freezer each year, a lessening of the urgency. Having done that and knowing I've still got to travel next week I set out today to put a blind in on the high ground of the far Northeast corner of the property and then spend the rest of the day still hunting and scouting.

Back in the spring I picked up a Bison Gear 'Lost River' pack. Primarily I intended to use it for a day pack, I've since found though that I can pack enough for a two night three day hunt in the pack and that's without attaching it to a frame. I can go a week with the frame added. I don't remember being as happy with a pack purchase as I have been with this one.

Strapped on top is a multicam MEST, inside of it is a woobie, there's another MEST in the pack along with a casualty blanket. With that I can rig a three season shelter and be quite comfortable.

I cut a moose track on the way out but it wasn't going where I was.

Some of the scenery on the way to the future ground blind site.

This is where I wanted to put the blind. It's a high spot that sits at the intersection of multiple trails. There's water at the bottom, bedding area to the west and feeding ground to the east. In the morning the sun will be warming, and the north wind blocked.

The birch tree with the bark gone is where I'll put my tree seat.

Time to get to work, a BK9 and a Bahco saw and some burlap.

I didn't take pictures during the building but the end result will work out I think. The view from outside the blind.

The view from inside the blind out in one of the three directions.

With me in it.

Scenery on the way to where I wanted to still hunt in the afternoon.

About 1:30 there were some clouds building and a change in the wind told me there was rain coming.

I found a stump worth using and set my BCUSA MEST up quickly. It wasn't a bad rain, just one of those storms that springs up and fades away just as quickly, but it gave me a chance to make a simple lunch and some coffee.

It was too windy for a fire in the area I was in so the MSR pocket rocket was pressed into service. I've carried that little stove for years and years now, it's never failed me, very reliable, very little weight and very efficient. It's perfect for these types of impromptu meals on windy days when you don't want to build a fire.

After lunch and the rain cleared I hit the trail again headed towards the the low country where the beaver are prolific and the hunting is usually good.

Into the Tamaracks, labrador tea, and sphagnum moss.

Time to head towards home.

Good times...


  1. And here I am; sitting in front of the laptop, staring at a screen, grinding my teeth in envy with a head filled with dayly problems that need a solution urgently....
    Along comes a grumpy middleaged yank, showing off his colourfull gear in a equally colourfull surrounding, telling us what a great time he had.... and I feel a lot better instantly!
    I somehow really like that picture of those little diamondlike raindrops on that camotarp....

    1. Thanks Ron. I have the same situation, daily aggravation that builds day over day until I can get rid of the frustration and find some peace in the woods.

  2. How I wish that were my backyard.

  3. Love your website, the colors and the country. I wish we had maples in Alberta!

    1. Thank you. I didn't realize there weren't any in Alberta, I ignorantly assumed that with the Maple being the tree of Canada and all that they'd be prolific through out. They are certainly robust enough to live throughout our Boreal region where the shield comes south into NE Minnesota.

  4. Great spot for a blind and nice day out. Do they let you hunt moose up there? That load out would really let you put your pack to the test. Thanks for the beautiful pics as usual.

    1. Moose is by lottery only and it's a tough one to win. Further, it is literally a once in a lifetime deal. No matter if you are successful or not, you win the moose tag lottery you never get to play again so you really want to make sure you're ready for that hunt.

      I've been researching and looking, figuring out where I want to go because if I do win that I intend to do a canoe hunt in the BWCA. It's truly a once in a lifetime event so I've been holding off.

  5. This really makes me miss the autumn colors of North America. Thanks for "brightening" up my day. :)

    1. Thank you WW. We've had a very vibrant turning this year. While most everywhere else got hit with super dry conditions we did not, I believe this is contributing to both the vivid colors as well as how long the leaves are hanging. Last year after a particularly dry summer the change wasn't as dramatic and it was over in about a week.

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