29 September 2012

Stick & String Fall Edition

Below is a snippet from my most recent article in Stick & String magazine.

Reading the Past to Find the Future...

In our modern world there are very few ways to link directly with the natural world, to know it, understand it, and interact with it in more than an observatory capacity. Hunting is distinct from other human behaviors in that it provides a direct link to the land, to wild animals living on that land. It is a unique form of expression within the function of humans who are truly part of nature in an intimate and participatory way.  When we hunt we are doing something that made us who we are, we are doing what we were, are, and can be. When we track not only are we reading the passage of the animal we are indeed writing our own tracks on the way to meeting our quarry.

This edition is chock full of all kinds of goodness from many great writers!

*Last day of the Elk season 2011*Sam Lee
*The Bridge Method * Dennis Langley
*Reading the Past to Find the Future * Jim Dellinger
*Build Along: Applying Snakeskins to the back of a bow * Michael Weinberger
*A Leap of Faith * Nick Viau
*No Dependence but the Bow * Dawi Huhamaza
*Build Along: Blue Jean Quiver * Jason Albert
*What’s in Your Pack?*Dave Puzon
*Paul Lowell : My Story * Paul Lowell
*Tech: Trails Lite GPS Tracker
*Symbol of Traditional Archery
Round Up: Wood Shafts
Definitions : Brace Height
Stick and String Kitchen: Baked Kale Chips
Clubs and Organizations: Last Real Indians
Bow Gallery: Sinew Backed Osage
Arrow Gallery: Hickory Warbow Arrows
Traditional Perspectives

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  1. A very interesting article; informative, well written and passionate.
    Does this magazine have more items like this one or does it lean more towards gear and technique?

    1. It varies, they cover a pretty broad spectrum of interests from reenactments to purely target archery to hunting and about everything in between. If you go to this link http://issuu.com/stickandstring you'll find the prior issues and you still should be able to read them for free if you want to.

    2. Thanks! Those do look good. I was quit surprised to come across an article involving the castle from my hometown!
      Looks like you are a regular contributor to that magazine.

    3. Thanks Ron, it is pretty weird to see things from one's hometown in a print periodical.

      After this most recent article I guess I can be classified as a regular contributor. I'm happy to see a home for my rambling!