02 September 2012

Cooking a meal over a campfire

I'm a big fan of eatin and anything that gets me in the woods to do it is icing on top. So when the latest Bushclass course was posted I was pretty stoked about it. Cooking a full meal over a campfire is rewarding but can also be challenging.

Food to be cooked;

Duck (Shovelhead breasts sliced thin) fried with potato and plank fired.
Potato fried blued steel skillet.
Broccoli & Carrots with spices and buttah.
Bannock mixed thin and fried in cast iron.

Video is short but if you don't want to hear duck breast frying then the pictures below pretty much cover it all as well.

BCUSA knife and a Bahco saw were used for wood and fire prep.

Coffee water on.

Splitting out some planks.

Food prep done. Potato, duck breasts, bannock mixed, vegetables mixed and spices added along with some buttah.

Fire is just about right for cooking.

Cooking at multiple levels. Used the big forked log as a cooler place to cook the bread and to lean the planks, as well as to support the vegetables over the coals. Two smaller rounds used to support the potato and breast slices while they fried.


Fine eatin.


  1. Looks like pretty good vittles. I've cooked many a meal over a bed of coals.

  2. Man. THAT is the way to cook outdoors! Looks delicious. :)

  3. Stop doing this.... or showing it!

    That looks very, very, very good!

    It is not all that easy preparing a good and tastefull meal for several people on an open fire, so you did good!
    Did I say it looks very good??
    Care to explain how and what you did with the meat and the wooden boards?

    1. Thanks Ron.

      I battoned the wood out of some birch rounds, they were less than a half inch thick. Sliced the breasts thin and placed on the planks. Let them sit for a few minutes and the meat will draw up some on the planks and they'll stick in place when you move the planks upright to catch the heat. Flip once, cook each side about four minutes depending upon thickness and how hot your coals are.

      Most folks who plank cook do it with fish but you can do it with bread and other types of meat too.

  4. Awesome meal. You stole my idea. I'm planning to roast a full duck this fall over the fire. Can't wait. Pics and vid were great. Thanks buddy.