06 June 2012

Update to the Bushcraft Project Area

It's been a long time since I was able to do anything on the project area but I finally managed to get a few things done.

Still working with hand tools though I've increased the selection and now a full size axe, a full size double bit, and a 36" one man cross cut saw have joined the fray with the little double, and improvised bucksaw.

The improvised well was one of the things I wanted to do first and it's also one of the simplest. I opened up a natural spring and rocked it so it pools up now. I just dip my gravity feed water reservoir bag in and then hang it to filter at the camp. The well is about forty or fifty yards from the project area.

I also wanted to get the fire pit in place as well as a semi permanent shelter. Eventually the shelter is going to migrate into a small rough cabin. We'll also be adding a smoke house soon, as well as a vegetable garden time willing.

Following shots show the area as it is now.

This is the view coming down the hill into the camp.

From the south west corner.

From the North West corner.

Looking into the shelter.

Looking out from the shelter.

Fire and cooking area.

From behind the fire pit towards the shelter.

When I started this project I had a lot more free time. Not so much now but I'm still going to try to do everything I wanted to, just might take longer.

That's is for this week.


  1. I was wondering when this would pick back up again. I understand about time constraints but nonetheless I'm glad you shared on this again. It's really coming a long. That's great about the spring. That's going to save some pack weight on the way in for sure. Well I'm looking forward to your progress, slow but steady is sometimes good as you can take the time and get it right.

  2. Great to see this bushcraft project area again! Looks like it's coming along nicely. Oh, I really "dig" that well, too! ;)

  3. Good to see you got going again!
    Looks like a relaxing funplace to be...