07 June 2012

Chaga Tea and a Adahy Kuksa

Quite a while back Adahy, a artisan and member of the BCUSA forums and I arranged to make a couple trades, the first half of which was completed promptly. At the time we also agreed on a trade, a Leuku knife blank of mine for one of his hand carved Kuksas.

Both of us had a lot going on back then and it took a while to complete phase two of the trade but complete it we did.

I received the kuksa several weeks ago and due to some ongoing commitments I've neglected to give it much time. I wanted to rectify that and so I did.

It arrived smooth and in excellent shape, the craftsmanship was top shelf, Adahy is clearly talented.

I took a little time to burn some personalization into it, then packed it up and hit the trail to my semi-permanent camp to have a bit of a chaga tea in my new kuksa, and to do a burn in of my fire pit.

Obligatory pack picture.

Breaking out the kuksa and tea pot along with some chaga. I know many folks grind this up into a powder for their use. I don't, I carry a chunk around with me, then with a knife I cut several slabs of the inner material off. This I put directly into the pot with water and set it to the fire. I guess this is more aptly called an 'infusion'. This is just my preferred method for making a tea.

After watering up and cutting the chaga pieces I set the kettle on, I'll leave it on for a pretty good while usually. Taking my time puttering on with some other activity.

More pics of the Adahy kuksa, I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I figure it'll get a good bit of use but I'll also carry my anodized camp mug for most outings as well. At 24oz of capacity it's just more practical. I've not measured the amount of fluid the kuksa holds yet, I just forgot to do so. I figure it's around 6 to 8oz but could be off on that.

The fire pit officially burned in, time to take the kettle off.

And viola, chaga tea in my custom kuksa from Adahy.

He did a fine job and has in fact inspired me to give this a shot. If you're looking for a hand carved kuksa, you can't go wrong with Adahy. To see more of his work or to contact him to place an order you can reach him through his vendor sub-forum found here: Adahy's Trading Post


  1. I'm glad you love that kuksa as much as I do. This was the protoype to a model I'm making now.

    Thanks for the support, it's an honor to be thanked on this blog!

  2. Who is the maker of the knife in this post?

    1. You can read more about it and the maker here;