29 May 2012

New Leather from Jason at Rasher Quivers

The lowly archery arm guard, been with us for an age. It doesn't get a lot of praise and for some summer time shooters,  they can get by without one. By rolling the elbow out some on the bow arm there is little chance of striking the arm with the string on the release. However, when I wear a jacket or thicker long sleeve shirts I use an arm guard to keep the sleeve tight and out of the path of the bowstring. Besides, I am human and I have made mistakes while shooting, string strike from a heavy longbow leaves a nasty bruise.

There is also the fact that many of my arrows are self nock, meaning the nock is simply carved from the arrow wood and reinforced with a hard wood, in this case purple heart. When using self nocks, sometimes they'll fail, basically shearing off as the string is released. This can cause string slap, and potentially part of the arrow penetrating the forearm. I figure that to be pretty rare as I've only ever heard of one instance of that occurring.

I recently contacted Jason Albert at Rasher Quivers about a custom arm guard. I'd seen some of his custom work and was quite impressed. We sorted out the details via email and came to an agreement on style and design.

It came out very nice, Jason did a fantastic job, the leather work excellently executed. I'm very pleased with the finished product, it is comfortable to wear with or without sleeves and when used over the heavy wool sleeves of my wood's shirt it does an excellent job of keeping the material out of the path of the string.