21 May 2012

ML Knives One Year Later

Over a year ago I posted about a set of knives I'd ordered from Matt Lesniewski, ML Knives. You can read about my initial impressions, Grouch's ML Knives.

Well it has been a year, little over a year actually. I'm happy as ever with the Kephart. I gifted the big Hudson Bay and so cannot say much other than I liked it as well and found no fault with it.

The Kephart has been a constant companion and has not once ever let me down or had me questioning the blade. For regular readers of my rambles you've seen the knife in upteen videos and posts doing everything from making a sheath, to cooking, to split wood fire challenges, it has dressed small and large game, cleaned fish, built shelters, and done all manner of other outdoors endeavors, each and every time the knife performed perfectly.

Without doubt, hesitation, or reservation, I would recommend this knife to any user anywhere in the world. While recently my Adventure Sworn BCUSA Knife has been hanging off my hip, I still find myself picking this Kephart up an equal amount of time.

The ML Knives Kephart, a backwoods bum's knife for all occasions.


  1. Very cool. It's hard to beat a well made kephart for an all-round woods bummin knife, that forged look is sweet.


  2. Do you think you could use this knife for skinning too?
    I am after a good all rounder and was hoping the Kephart would be suitable.

    1. I used it on two whitetail last year and numerous small game. While not the best at skinning it performed well enough to get the job done.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have been looking at these knives for a while now and was seriously thinking about ordering one. Nice to know that they perform well. I'll be placing my order soon.

  4. I appreciate other knife makers works and Matt is one of them he makes a fine knife period of the fur trade era and a goo hand forged knife period no one should ever be afraid to make one of his blades his go to knife .

  5. How does the handle hold up (i.e; rot resistence), and how do you keep it clean?