06 May 2012

Backwoods Gun .22LR update

I wanted to try to captured the difference between the segmented .22 rounds and the regular hollow point rounds. For this there were four types tested:

Winchester Varmint HE
CCI Segmented
CCI Segmented Subsonic
CCI Stinger
Winchester PP standard velocity

The short video below shows the results. I filmed the tests with a Pentax KX camera, I just slowed the footage down to 0.125 of normal. All shots were from 75 yards.

All of the segmented rounds showed tremendous violence at impact, much more so than the standard hollow points, even the hyper velocity hollow point did not cause as much damage as the subsonic segmented round. Due to the extreme damage these would not be suitable for small game that you're taking for meat, or pelt purposes, something we already knew, I just wanted to try and illustrate it.

I should note that the segmented rounds by design, separate into three sections at impact and typically leave three exits. In this sort of medium the violence of this action is pretty clear. Most round nose .22LR ammo will pass through a jug of water leaving the entrance and exit hole. These segmented rounds had one entry and three exits.

Take a close look at the CCI Segmented high velocity test, it's the second on in the video, watch the jug expand before it explodes. Impressive for such a diminutive round.

More to come.

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