30 April 2012


The month is closing out, and yet again very little woods time, but I did get out some. Most of our ducks breed in early to mid April, and a man quietly walking the wood lakes and beaver ponds can typically get a couple good pictures along the way.

This Ring-necked wasn't all that shy.

April brings Marsh Marigolds for us.

Sphagnum Moss and a brief rest at mid day. I did a double take on the second picture and I am the one who took it! Rifle and pack blend in rather well.

General wetlands scenery, beaver activity, a pair of geese and some more ducks. There's a shot of a Wood Duck in there, I don't see a lot of those here.

Wonder what happened to this beaver, he left his work undone some time ago.

Best place to cross the creek, who doesn't walk logs anyway?

Lot of wolf sign, several piles of scat over multiple miles covered, nearly all of them had deer hair and bones.

For reference, cartridge is a 7mm Remington Magnum.

The only snakes I've ever seen up here are Garter snakes. This one was an adult and large compared to most of the ones I have seen here.

While field time was limited, I certainly enjoyed the couple excursions for the month.


  1. Nice little outing. Any time in the woods is time well spent


  2. Fantastic pictures! As happy as I was to see winter come, spring is always a welcome season too.

  3. As always great pictures, that alone would keep me coming back to your site for more. Luckily the content is pretty good as well ;)

  4. Great photography! Glad to see you're getting out, even if only for a bit here and there.


  5. Looks very good, as usual!
    The scenery is great, but the wildlifepictures really are top!
    Most of the times it's the "little" trips, that have to pull us through the hassles of daily life.