11 April 2012

An update of sorts...

As some of you know, there was a bit of a change in my life in early February, work related. I've committed myself to that and it's taking a considerable chunk of time out of my regular life. As a result I've not been able to get as much field time as I used to, and definitely not enough from my perspective.  I sincerely appreciate the messages and well wishes that I have received since my hiatus began. Sometimes as we tumble through life we don't realize how we are affecting others, truly rewarding when we become aware of that.

I hope to be back at it in the near future, with some new angles of approach. Bushcraft will remain the forte but several non-common articles are now in the works. I hope to bring them to light soon!

Thank you again to everyone who reached out, I really appreciate that.

See you in the woods...


  1. Sir;

    I hope I find you and your afmily well. Hope things will work out regards your endevors. Will keep yous in my prayers.

    Regards Jim

  2. I haven't said anything up to this point about your hiatus, but your articles have been sorely missed. :) Really looking forward to your upcoming articles.


  3. Things sure were quiet from your part of the world, so it did get noticed.
    Just hope you and those around you are doing well and you'll be succesfull, bur more importantly happy, in whatever you're doing.

    As you said: "See you in the woods!"

  4. Your posts have been missed. I look forward hearing from you again.

  5. Happy to hear this Mr Grouch, missed your articles - among the best around.

    Good luck with everything!

    Greetings from Sweden


  6. Glad to hear things are working for ya! Can't wait for an update on the bushcraft project area!

  7. Good to see you back. I like that nessmuk type pack you have on. Interesting frame too.

  8. Understandable brother.My wife and I started getting involved with bush crafting about six months ago. You were the first one I ever subscribed to on you tube. It sometimes (most of the time) living this modern day times sucks, but we see something most people don't and should.