14 September 2015

Unna àksu from Karesuando Kniven

 Unna àksu is Sami for Small axe. When I first saw this axe on Jonas Vildmark's blog I was impressed with his take on it and saw there could be a use for such a small axe, beyond the obvious cool factor!

Karesuando Kniven has been making knives, from what I could gather, for about forty years. They are located about 155 miles north of the arctic circle, Sweden's northernmost 'Church Village'. I've handled a few of their knives and found them user friendly and beautiful.

As I am often drawn to the unusual, this small axe was no exception. It took some time for me to run one to ground as it seems they were in short supply, at least in the states. I knew I wanted to try one the first time I saw the axe.

The first time I saw the axe and I was immediately taken by the beauty of the piece and the materials used in its creation. I love birch, add bone and antler and I am in, put it in such a user friendly size and I am all over it!

Manufacturer: Karesuandokniven AB, Sweden
Model: Unna áksu 
Steel: Stainless tool steel hardened to HRC 54
Length of axe's head: 4.1 inches
Thickness of axe's head: 3/4"
Edge length: 2 3/4"
Handle material: Moose bone, Reindeer antlers and curly birch
Total length: 8.85" mm
Weight (without sheath): a little over 11 ounces
Sheath: thick black cowhide

I was finally able to secure one and when it arrived in its gift box I wasn't disappointed. Craftsmanship was on par with other Scandinavian type knives and axes I've had the chance to lay hands on. Hair popping sharp out of the box. There did appear to me the slightest of twists from the edge to the poll, while I don't think it was on purpose it may have been. I've seen axes built for right and left hand use before, the twist is so light I couldn't get it to show very well in the images but it is there.

I couldn't get over just how little this small axe weighed. Advertised at 317 grams, slightly over 11 ounces, I'm not sure it's that heavy! I spent a few hours with it in the woodshed, some chopping, some kindling making, some shavings and feather stick fun ensued.

It also makes a fine companion to my River Bottom Blades 'Guide'.

I foresee use in this little axe's future, so far I've got nothing but good things to say about it. More to come as I get to use it this fall and winter!


  1. Looks fantastic, and no doubt partly due to your amazing photos! How does it compare to other call belt hatchets such as GB Mini? Thanks for the review! Cheers

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