27 September 2015

Quick, Cheap, & Lightweight Comfort Improvement for a Frost River Isle Royale Mini

Isle Royale Mini

Previously I posted about adding a Frost River Isle Royale Jr to a ALICE pack and because I've seen several posts about making these packs more comfortable with weight over longer distances Ill add my most recent improvement, specific this time to a Isle Royale Mini.

Note in the image below that the shape of the back of the pack appears 'odd'? Almost looks like the back of one of those old Swiss Rucksacks...

That's because there is a internal frame of sorts.

This is a $7 'tree back' found in most hunting type stores, on line etc etc. It's intended to be strapped to a tree, you lean against it and makes pretty much any tree super comfortable. Well it also fits near perfectly in a Isle Royale Mini, with it in the pack the pack hugs your back and with the straps adjusted correctly the pack pulls into the shape of your back and sort of 'rides' on your lower back, some of the weight there and some on your shoulders.

Note the vertical bands with the cross webbing? With the stuff in your pack pressing against this area it provides quite a bit of comfort against your back.

With it inserted in the pack.

For about $7 or less depending on where you pick it up, it is a very light weight option to dramatically improving the fit and ride of a Mini!

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