25 January 2015

Little bit of saw, little bit of knife, little bit of fire = Bread on a cold day...

I've been on the road for a couple weeks, and still have three more weeks to go, leaving again tomorrow. I had a little time today to go for a walk in my backwoods, drift the woods and enjoy the silence. The noise of the road had to go, airports, hotels, rental cars, bad food, long meetings, yeah I needed to 'bathe in some wood smoke'!

This was the first chance I've had to get out with a new piece of cooking gear. A Fry-Bake Alpine pan/lid set. At a very light weight it functions like a dutch oven, with some limitations.

I also wanted to see how a new GoPro camera would do in with temps in the teens. This go round I recorded in 720, next time I'll bump it up to the 1080. It worked fine but battery life was limited. When I ordered the camera I also ordered two spare batteries and a ruggedized 9000mAh battery pack. From that I can charge my phone, my GPS, my headlamp, my Sony camera, and this GoPro. The testing for this will last the next several months. I think the 9k will do but may have to go up to a larger unit for extended stays.

Saw was the Laplander, knife was the Adventure Sworn Guide, and I beat it with a stick all good like.

For the fire I started with the H60 but actually got the fire going with a regular (non-European ferro rod). I'm no expert on steels and don't typically engage in pontificating as to which is best. Here's what I can say from experience, some ferro rods drop globules of molten goodness, and some rods are more of a flashing match type thing. The Euro rods are the flashers, then there is everything else. Some one more knowledgeable than I can weigh in. The video shows what happened. The H60 didn't ignite the shavings, almost but not quite. The globule from a normal ferro fell into the feathers and ignited.

Not saying the Euro type rods don't work, they absolutely do and I've used them before, in this case one type worked better than the other.

Last thing, there are three Ray 'Wylie' Hubbard songs in the vid, if'n you don't like Texas red dirt music just mute it out.

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Great video and post always look forward to see new kit and outdoor trips from you. Dutch oven looks promising keep us post on how it works out, BTW what work gloves are you using in this video I can not seem to find a good pair.. as always thank you for the post and video keep it up ty...

    1. Thanks for the kind words, will definitely be posting more on the Alpine Fry-Bake set.

      Those gloves are insulated deerskin, Wells Lamont Model 963, hope that helps!

  2. Man, muting Ray Wylie Hubbard would show rather pour judgment and prove one to be less than desirable to bum around with.
    Great video, again, as usual. I said it before and will again, best blog on the internet.

    1. Rock and roll! Glad to hear from another RWH fan, that's awesome! Thanks for the kind words JT.

  3. I'm liking the looks of the AS "Guide" - it looks a lot like an updated "Nessmuk," one of my favorite, versatile designs.

    I used to work for an outdoor program that issued "Fry Bakes" in every cook kit, and I cooked all manner of things in them. Used them from Alaska to Patagonia on 14-70 day trips in the backcountry, and they can really take a beating. And as you show in the vid, cooking with some "top heat" is the key to getting the most out of them.

    Nice choice on the sountrack, too. ; )

    1. Good to see you're still kicking around man, been a while. That's interesting on the Fry Bakes, I am not aware of their history but I am impressed with the product!

      Don't be a stranger, thanks for the comment.