01 February 2015

Some arrow slinging, some fire making and a Gossman Polaris

Nothing but woods bumming really, no objectives, no mission, just plain old bumming with the exception using a new Gossman Polaris to build a fire. I never get tired of split wood fires, and the first thing I do with any new knife is build a fire with it.

Scott Gossman with design input from Kevin Estela created the Polaris, which is a smallish to medium sized knife. If you're unfamiliar with Kevin, he runs Estela Wilderness Education.

In Kevin's words...

Also known as the North Star, Polaris is a celestial body representing direction in the Northern Hemisphere. Always constant, it provides the outdoorsman with an unfailing reminder of relative location in the field. It is an unwavering aide that can also symbolize the destination one treks towards in life or how a person travels on that path.
 I agree with his meanings, and his thoughts that went into the design of this knife.

I've wanted one of these for a while and finally got off my butt to do something about it, I contacted Scott and in a short period of time this one was on the way. When I got back from my last road trip it was waiting for me. Can't find fault with anything about it or the sheath it came with. I enjoyed using it, stayed comfortable throughout and did what I asked it to do. I was particularly pleased with the curls in was capable of during fire prep, visible in the video.

I'm back on the road again tomorrow, and the week after for that matter, but today was a good day and helped recharge the batteries as it were. It was good to breathe some subzero air, listen to and see arrows sing their way to their targets, to smell wood smoke and feel the fire chase the cold away.

Therapy, free therapy and actually enjoyable!


  1. Excellent time Cro! That is great therapy there! So is this your first knife with CPM 3V steel? If so any thoughts on it?

    1. It is my first foray into CPM 3V sure enough. I was very surprised actually, I didn't think I was gong to be able to see a huge difference. Most of my knives are O1, 1095, A2 and so on, I could feel the difference in the bite on the stone when I sharpened it, and at least with the wood I was working with I felt it it bit easier. Hard to explain really but it felt different, I am sure some of that is perhaps the edge geometry too.

      I think it'll take time and a lot of use to formulate an unbiased opinion, one of the main features of 3V is it's edge holding ability, definitely something that's going to take some time to validate.

    2. I'm glad more makers are starting to try it out. I've had a 3V knife for a couple years now and it has lived up to expectation with the edge holding it has. O1 has never been disappointing by any means, but the 3V does require less sharpening over the coarse of a year, from my experience. It seems a little lighter then O1 to me as well but I that might just be in my head. Well I look forward to hear your thoughts after putting it through the paces. Great pics and vid as usual. Enjoyed it!

  2. Dam it man ! Your stuff always fires me up but adding in the shooting just calls to me. Been a longbowman since I was a teenager, nothing touches it for intagrateing yourself into the prey hunted, period! Foam too! It'll be 3D season around my parts before to long and I cant wait. Deer season has pretty much ended (we can kill does until March 29 but I cant bring myself to do it, winter here isnt terrible but between it and most does carrying little ones, just doesnt seem right to me) anyhow, good medicine as usual. Im a stalker apparently, waiting for the next chapter !
    Thanks for the blog