29 August 2014

Randall 28 Woodsman / H60 Firesteel Pass-around GAW Challenge (part one).

I was lucky enough to be selected for  Give Away Challenge involving a Randall Model 28 Woodsman, and a H60 Firesteel. The challenge was sponsored by a BCUSA member, who has done many of these challenges that have some great items being gifted to the winners, all of these challenges require field activity and are not simple 'I'm in' give away events.

I'm taking the knife on a two night three day trek through a wilderness area in North East Minnesota. I'm not naming the area because it's a special place that sees very very little activity, it's hard to get to in many ways and is a genuine wilderness, selfishly I want to keep it that way!

I received the knife today and while it isn't the first Randall I've held it is one of the best that I have seen. I took the following pics this afternoon. The knife is a fine representation of what Randall has been doing for nearly eight decades.

Here the 28 is shown beside my Turley Whelen, a knife that many others have said reminds them of a mix between a Randall and a Scagel.

 I leave early tomorrow morning and will be back late on Monday and will post the adventure later in the week.

Have a great Labor day weekend!

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