04 August 2014

Micro Cord

I've been looking for something much smaller than paracord, easier to work with than bank line, strong and economical, I found it in Micro cord.

1.12mm and 100# test, not as stiff as some 1.8mm types. Very easy to handle and doesn't bind badly on itself when braiding. I braided a 20' ridge line and was quite pleased with the lack of bulk that the same size in paracord would be.

A very small and light package that held my 225 pounds just fine. At roughly $25 for 1000' it's not bad in the price department either.

Micro Cord, made in the USA and available at Atwood Rope.

Some comparison shots.

Standard 550 and the Micro Cord, plus the Micro cord braided.

Micro Cord and Atwoods 3/32" tactical with four strand inner core, #275 test, plus 1.8mm reflective.

Comparison of my old ridge line out of 1/4" cotton rope and the Micro Cord ridge line, both are 20 feet in length.

Micro Cord vs #36 Bank Line.


  1. Thanks, and that stuff will be added to the inventory and the pack. I can see a lot of uses for a strong cord of that size.

  2. what knot/hitch are you on your ridge line (bright green cord)