10 November 2011

Would you say this is wrong?


***It sounds like it was an honest mistake as they apparently found the image at Stormy Kromer and assumed it was SK's image and since they are partners they used the image. They've spoken with me regarding the matter and apologized, they also took the image down. I have to admit it was kind of strange to see my image in a commercial environment, sounds like we're resolving this in a good way. Alls well that ends well. They made good.***

During a Christmas snowstorm in 2009 a picture was taken of me. For a while it was the profile image of this blog.

Here is the picture in question:

Today, quite inadvertently, I found out that my image, indeed my face, was being used by The Duluth Pack Co without so much as a how do you do from me. Here is a screen capture of their website:

So, what do you think? Personally I think they should have at least asked.


  1. I would say yes. Should have asked first. Send them a bill for advertising.

  2. In a way, i´d be flattered. BUT they should have asked a permission first naturally.

    I think that as youre from US of A, in where i see people putting up charges against everything, they get 500 0000 euros from tobacco company, when they "discover that smoking kills" etc, id leave the court time, and try to settle a deal. Duluth Pack could use about any of my pics for a few packs and paddles etc, just like that.

    I think the method or the word for case like this, is "Bribery" :).

    But hey, you do look good in that pic,man, even though i am NOT in to men.

    Who knows, if you´re in Facebook, maybe theres a small barely visible print saying that any pic you post there, can be sold to anyone offering anything..?

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  4. They should have asked. I would contact them and either ask them to remove the photo, credit you or send you some type of payment.

  5. I'd do as Perkunas seems to suggest and ask them what's in it for you.

  6. Photographs are legally owned by the person who physically took the picture. If a company uses a picture owned by someone else for advertising purposes, I would imagine this would be illegal.

    I'd contact them and let them know this. I believe you deserve to be compensated in some way. :)


  7. Agreed. I'd soak them for a pack, at least. ;) BTW - How do you like your SK hat? I just picked up a waxed canvas one. I like it.

  8. That sucks. I'm not sure it's worth doing anything about, but still not cool.

  9. Hey Mike, love my Kromer and I've got the same waxed canvas one that you got. Love it, only thing is it doesn't breath all that well so it tends to saturate with sweat fairly quickly.

  10. I think they should have asked. It is my belief that you should request a pack for each person that saw this post because otherwise we won't keep quiet...

  11. Any professional design company (web or print) has a responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate rights to use photos or artwork in their designs. Your response was quite calm actually. Many people would have had their lawyer send them a cease and desist notice followed by a demand for compensation for damages. I hope they appreciate that! Personally, I think it's a great photo and you should sell them the rights to it for a few k's.

  12. You should feel honored, it shows the product well and would like to know their response and how they feel it was O to use your picture