11 November 2011

The Simplest Ideas...

Sometimes the simplest ideas are real winners.

I got an email the other day from Frost River, their Holiday 2011 email, within it there was a link for a Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag. I'm a big fan of waxed canvas. Frost River products are bomb proof, and I saw some alternative uses right away so I ordered one.

From their website:

Canvas Lunch Bag

“Brown Bag” your lunch Frost River style with this reusable waxed canvas lunch bag.  Durable and water resistant, it will stand up to years of use, keep your lunch and snacks where they belong, and it’s sustainable for the planet.  Rolled top, leather closure strap, sized just right to pack a lunch wherever you roam.

Shipping was quite prompt and received it quickly, I suppose living within 80 miles of their shop helps right? It's bigger than I thought it would be.

It's a great concept, and as I thought about it I decided it would make for a good foraging bag. The leather strap that is affixed to the back is simply brought up between the belt and the pants, folded over the belt, it hangs nicely and it is just the right size. With it hanging in that position it frees my hands up for collecting stuff, from Birch Bark, tinder, berries when in season, cattails or what have you.

With that in mind I felt that having a snap installed on the leather strap with the back-snap in the back of the bag would be the perfect modification to keep the bag secured to the belt. I dropped by the Frost River Training Co store and they fixed me up in a matter of minutes. While I was there I took the opportunity to take some pictures of their new store. They moved from their old location back in July, and they did it on foot,  portage extraordinaire! I'll get the new images up next week, they've got the place looking great.

The bag works great in this manner for gathering and I am sure there are many other uses for it beyond gathering. Heck, a man could even use it as a lunch bag! 

As with all Frost River products, these are made right here in Minnesota, by great people, a great company that stands by their products, no matter how small.


  1. Looks sweet. I hope to get up to that store some day.

  2. Hey, wheres mine :) ?

    Its so sad that shipping costs are pulled from a hat,to get one here.

  3. I am also a big fan of waxed canvas- looks like a great, simple bag.