21 November 2011

Got my GFred Swag today...

I'd ordered one of G. Fred Asbell's wool pullovers, wool possibles bag, and one of his wool covered GFA quivers.

You can get your own GFred swag at the GFredSwagGettinPlace. I'll be writing more about the quiver, bag, and pullover in the future.

GFA has been a prolific writer in the world of traditional archery for a long time now. I remember reading his Instinctive Shooting books back in the late '80s and early '90s. He started shooting traditional bows before they were called traditional, that means before compound bows came on the scene. I won't bore you with all that history, suffice it to say it was about 1961.

Asbell has penned over five hundred articles and written three books, he's hunted in 32 states and 9 Canadian provinces, as well as 2 African countries, harvesting 19 separate species of big game. he's been a leader and a bar setter for the traditional archery community for a very long time. In my opinion he's been a great Ambassador. In 2010 he was inducted to the Archery Hall of Fame.

Good on you G, keep the wind in your face brother.

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