16 March 2018

Survival Nomads

I can't say that 'retirement' is filled with idle time, in fact I'd say it's quite the opposite. I'm staying busy, tween the kids, the house, the chores (I'm still raising chickens and goats) plus cutting and splitting firewood to heat the place, I'm fairly engaged.


My latest endeavor has been bringing a few businesses online, besides www.outdoorsman.net www.woodsmansremedies.com http://goapocalypse.com there is also www.survivalnomads.com

Survival Nomads is my online shop selling various outdoorsy type goods. It's young but operational, and growing. I'm continuously trying out new stuff and discarding stuff. The goal being to carry some good reasonably priced gear, and eventually offering a range of items from low priced but still good quality to best in class gear that of course comes with the corresponding price tag. I want to carry stuff people would find useful and would feel like they could depend on it.

I've been an outdoors-man my whole life and I mean my whole life. At three years of age I sat in the creek in front of our house that didn't have electricity or running water and shoved my finger into critter holes in the bank. I was a happy kid then.

My point is, as I go through the goods in the store I'm ditching stuff that I don't think is useful to someone.  Having spent my life outside and using various tools I've come to appreciate some design elements. Not all of the designs currently stocked would fit my tastes but that doesn't mean it wouldn't for others.

Not only do I hope you'll visit the store, I hope to hear from you. Likes, dislikes, it's all good and it helps me grow. If you've got product suggestions I'm very eager to hear them. If I can source what you're looking for at a competitive price I'm all for it.

So, if you've the time, come see me at Survival Nomads.


  1. Man, it's good to see you up 'n runnin'!
    The apocalypse-link is faulty btw.

  2. Hey Ron,


    Can you try that goapocalypse link one more time? It's working for me.

  3. Cro-Survial Nomads has a bunch of nice gear on it- those compression sleeves look handy for fishing- going to try some out- regards from bcusa rustystove2017 aka rusty stove.

  4. Just ordered a couple pairs of compression sleeves for this summer- i don't like to use a lot of sunscreen so these look good. I ordered the large size - hope they are a bit on the stretch size- looks like they are. Thanks Cro!

    1. Thanks for the order Rusty. Be patient on delivery, it takes a while for the ePackets to arrive.