09 March 2018

An Update

I spent nearly three hours this morning cleaning up the comments section here. I deleted nearly 1000 comments there were spam and I still don't know if I got them all. As a result I'm turning on comment approval for the foreseeable future. I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience to the regulars here.

I've also launched a new website, www.outdoorsman.net
It's in its infancy and only a portion of what I hope to do is published so far. I am also actively looking for writers and contributors to this new endeavor. Not solely focused on hunting but rather a range of outdoors and outdoors related categories. I hope to expand the site to a very wide range of topics that have something to do with the outdoors, including things like gardening, homesteading, self reliance, off grid, as well as the typical fare such as camping, hiking, bushcraft and so on.

These are paying gigs. So, if you've an article you'd like to pitch please contact me at frostbornepublications@gmail.com please include a short bio as well as the subject matter you'd like to write about. Pictures are always good to. And any links to any material you've already published.

Aggie, I've always been fond of your food/cooking/canning/home made type stuff, I hope to have a section dedicated to this so if you've an interest please reach out.

For the regular crowd here, I'm going to continue posting at AG. Primarily about my personal journey. While there will still be some articles published here, most of my future content will be at outdoorsman.net

I hope that you will all join me there!

Thank you,



  1. Whatever you need Jim, I would be happy to help.

  2. Great new website. I like the idea and the layout. Now I need that Alaska knife.