13 March 2018

My Son

My second oldest son is off and running, and I am proud to say, following in his old man's footsteps to and extent. (I hope he avoids most of my mistakes along the way).

If you've the time, his work is worth the follow, he writes his own blog now.

Check him out at Notes of the Nomad.


And to use his tag line, "Stay safe out there!"

Good luck in your travels, my son.


  1. Therein lies the only legacy any of us can ever hope to leave; well raised children off to be themselves and raised strong enough to face life head on.

  2. I own a pair of later model power wagons, one of them he uses and intends to buy. We're discussing putting one of those slide in campers in the back of it, turtle back style. I told him I thought that would probably be the best method, secure, all amenities, easier than towing a trailer and the power wagon can get him into some pretty remote places.

    He's debt free, reasonably intelligent, woods capable, so I'm encouraging him to stay that way and this seems like a reasonable method sure enough.

  3. Seems like I remember seeing a classic dodge truck you were working on at one time, memory's a bit fuzzy.