25 November 2014

Wolf Hunt Phase I

*Due to some unexpected timing constraints I haven't been able to post the final parts of the 'Dry Run' series prior to my imminent departure and the Thanksgiving Holiday.

This weekend will be the first foray chasing wolves for the season, go in on Friday come out on Sunday. The intent is to hunt each weekend of December, either tagging out or harvest goal is met for the region.


Truck is 2 miles from base camp and the area I want to set up an observation point is 1 mile from base camp. I'll use the snogo with  trailer to get from the truck to the base camp and walk each morning to the observation point and back to camp each evening.

Here's a close up of the observation point. Wolf travel corridors as scouted last year are marked, as well as the watering holes and where I want to set the OP, wind direction is expected to be from the north west.

After the dry run and some input from members as well as my own observations I've decided to change up the shelter and some of the gear choices as well as food selections.

For shelter I'll be using a Sierra Designs Mountain Guide Tarp. Tarp being a bit of a misnomer, this is a four season expedition grade shelter, 109sf, 70d material with good ventilation options.

Image courtesy BigSurArcher
Within this tent I'll be installing a Seek Outside XL Titanium stove with a 9' pipe. Since SO couldn't get the stove to me in time for the first run Sweeneyguy (BCUSA Forum Member) was generous enough to offer up his stove which is identical, for my first run. THANKS SWEENEY!

For sleep system I'm sticking with the Kelty/HPG combo over a Klymit Recon insulated inflated pad over a Thermarest Ridgerest SOLite. Between the two of them I should have a R value of 7.2. The Recon has an R value of 4.4 and the Solite is a 2.8. I will be using a ground sheet in the form of a reflective all weather blanket.

Food wise I will be packing some Mountain House but will be supplementing with fresh foods as well. I've revised the calories per day from 2800 to a goal of 4000 based on how badly I became calorie deficient during the dry run. Between the cold and activity 2800 was far short of the need. Since I'm using a snow mobile and sled to get to base camp the weight became a non issue, bacon is back on the menu!

One of the things I learned last year regarding hunting in the open exposed to wind and weather and extremely low temperatures is I couldn't go more than four to five hours at a time without getting to cold. So this year I'm incorporating a ultralight ground blind that will shelter me from the elements and offer excellent concealment, this should prolong my sitting comfortably time dramatically.

I'm still going to be using the Weatherby 7mm Remington Magnum, I've had excellent experiences with this rifle in the past and see no reason to change. After practice I'm comfortable to 600 yards with this rifle, though from my OP the max to cover is about 500 yards with much of it at 250 to 300.

I'm not upgrading my glass either, my Leupold 10x42s have served excellently well for years. Weatherproof, clear sharp glass that's helped me put prey on the ground consistently.

Primary pack will be Kuiu ICON 7200 but will be switching to the ICON 1850 for hunting out of camp. One of the nice features about this combo is they use the same suspension system. The shoulder straps can be removed from the 7200 and put on the 1850 quickly. The frame and waist belt can also be put on either of them but I've found the internal stays on the 1850 are plenty.

Weather is looking like what I expected. Cold and snowy, temps in the low 20s to teens for highs and single digits at night. I should be plenty comfortable between the stove and the bags.

I feel like I'm well situated and prepared for the first run!

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  1. As always, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Our hunting environments couldn't be more different as I'm in the swamps of the Florida panhandle, but it's awesome to see how our like minded brethren are enjoying the outdoors. Keep the posts coming and thank you for taking the time to detail your adventures.