01 November 2013

Skab Bag - Fast Break ~> Jurassic Rabbit

I've been on the road for the past couple weeks and when I finally returned I decided to go for a walk, my grouse circuit as I call it which is just a three mile loop behind the barn. So I grabbed my 'pot filler' which in this case is a Marlin 925 .22 topped with a 3x9x40 Leupold, tossed my bag on my shoulder and hit the trail.

One of those days where it can't quite figure out whether or not it wants to rain or snow. Either way it didn't matter, I needed to be outside after so many days and flights and hotels. I have to say that no matter how good, hotels suck when you stay in a different one every night, road food is hell no matter the quality of the restaurant, and regardless of where you go or the people you meet it isn't home which is really the only place you want to be.

Because of the rain I had my camera in my coat pocket and really wasn't thinking about snapping pictures, instead I was focused on the smell of my woods and the fact that there are no leaves left on my trees. The wind had a familiar sting to it as it slid through the trees from the north east. The aroma of wet earth dominated all other odors. I could hear a wood pecker in the distance and the call of a raven. Chickadees were in bunches here and there across the forest floor, a cold front is coming in, I think they can feel it.

A brown white flicker, low and fast moving from left to right. It took a second for it to register as a snowshoe hare. Somewhere around forty five yards out it stopped, the rifle rose and pressed into my shoulder, my eye settled and the gentle pop of a subsonic round being discharged disturbed the chickadees for a briefest of moments. The rabbit had fallen on his side and dinner was made.

Never let it be said that our hares here in the north country are puny by any measure.

Someone had asked about how one was to attach game to the game hangers on the bag Skab made for me.

You slip the leather back through the ring, and then within that loop you put the foot, neck, whatever through and let the weight pull the thong taught and viola your game is thus hung for the walk back.

In this case, this hare is nearly too long for this method.

I didn't bother with pictures on the way back to the house either, just enjoyed the lack of human sounds and smells and sights, replaced with the natural world, the sounds and smells and sights of God's own wood. You could almost hear the sound of a soul being soothed, though I leave again on Monday.

Good to be home, even if only for a little while.


  1. Hehehe, guys like us just go nuts if we don't get our woods time! I don't get nearly enough myself, but I savor every minute when I'm there. Will do a day trip with the Woodsboy tomorrow.

    Nice bunny and way to attach it, too. Some of the hares I see in Finland look more like kangaroos, so I know what you mean about Jurassic northern harewolves. ;)


  2. The woman's take: bet you're not the only one glad you're home.

    1. Thanks Marcia, Mrs. Grouch and the little grouches were quite happy ta see Papa Grouch.

  3. Good eating and good fly tying materials on those hind feet. Love the game bag too.

    1. You betcha, little bit of all that going on. Thanks!

  4. Wonderful post, I will have to live vicariously through you!