12 November 2013

Nikon AW100 Test Images

Still on the road but coming into the home stretch, couple weeks of travel left in the year but those weeks are not back to back so things are easing up.

Image courtesy of ssheltonimages.
I finally got around to taking some pics over the weekend with a new to me but not new to the world camera. Nikon AW100 which was released back in 2011 I think.  I know there is a new version out, the AW 110 but at it's current price point versus feature enhancements I just can't see spending the dough. I picked up my AW 100 for $150 new though they still retail close to $300 at some locations.

I've been looking for a lightweight but very rugged point and shoot for a while now. I'm not so kind to gear in general and frankly I expect my camera to hang with me regardless of the weather and take a beating equal to what I'm willing to put myself through. 

A few have survived that criteria but most have not.

So far I've had the camera fully submerged, frozen in ice and dropped from nearly ten feet onto the rocky shore of Lake Superior and it's still working like it did when new. Some of the bonus features like the digital compass and GPS are icing on the cake. Being able to GPS tag your images and then display them in a map view showing direction facing when the picture was taken, along with lat & long is very nice. This is particularly useful when scouting new ground. Take pictures of the sign or features along your scout with the GPS synched then upload, you get a nice trail of pics throughout the area you scouted all plotted out on the map.

Video is solid and multiple modes of HD and slow motion though I've not used that over much yet. Tons of easy to use features throughout.

Light weight, very compact and so much easier to carry than the full sized DSLRs. I suppose the images are quite as good but for me they're good enough. I'm sure I'll still take the big boys out but I'm also sure I'm willing to sacrifice some of their over the top pic quality for the ease of carry and robustness of this little guy.

I've never really been much of an early adopter, I tend to wait to see what is proven out and then opt in. In this case I'm thinking I shoulda opted in earlier!

The following images are unaltered save for a resize, none were taking from a tripod, all are free hand on the trail and using the easy mode on the camera.

So far so good!

Wolf track found on a recent scout, that's a rifle sling to the left.


  1. How does it do with shots on moving objects? Im not sure camo was the greatest color to make some thing so small and valuable.

    1. Haven't done much of that yet other than the odd youngin runnin about. There is a 'sports' scene setting that's designed for that but I haven't used it yet. I'll post up again once I've had the chance.

    2. PS, while the camo is nifty it isn't a set it down and lose it kinda camo, I've also got a blaze orange lanyard on mine. It's the version I could get new at a buck-fifty, even so I like it over the other colors.

  2. I look forward to your thoughts on the sports setting, if its any good I might have to find one for myself. I just wish they would make a snap off lens cover for these sporty types of cameras, I have a canon D10 that I keep in my game bag and it often gets smudges, dirt, and crud all over the lens while not in use.

  3. Uplandish,

    I got a feeling this camera wouldn't be suitable for fast action like birds in flight or something as there is no viewfinder, just the LCD screen on the back so if you're trying to catch a bird on the wing I'm not sure how that would do.

    On the upside, one of the very nice features related to the lens cap, there is a snap on cover but it's better than a normal cover. It's a 40.5mm filter adapter. Snaps on and you can put whatever 40.5mm filter you want on it, from UV to whatever suits you. By default this covers your lens and keeps the smudges at bay, as well as dirt, crud and so on. Because I knew I'd be carrying in a game bag, or pocket etc I figured that would be a good thing and so far it is.

    Interesting aspect, that 40.5mm filter adapter is perfect match to a standard poker chip, you can pop the chip into the adapter and viola, poker chip lens cap.

    Next post on the camera I'll update how this set up is going.

  4. Sold! Im going to track one down.

  5. Great choice for a camera. I have had one for a over a year…whenever they first came out and have had nothing but good things to say about it. When i bought it i didn't realize it was completely water-proof. About a year later I was with my brother who had the same camera and he gets in the swimming pool with it to take pictures of the kids. Next thing i know he's under water with it taking pictures! Anyway, been great for a travel camera when I don't want to pack the DSLR, I'm sure you will love yours too. I have the orange one…wish they had camo back then..that looks good!