29 September 2013

Screaming Fall, Busting Grouse, and a Gamekeeper's Bag

We're a little early yet for peak color, getting close though as our fall is well underway. Colors are quite vibrant, the maples every shade from red to orange, aspens are their traditional yellow as are the birches, though they are a little behind the others. Nearly a year has passed since I had to put my bird dog down, this will be my first fall without him, spend nearly a decade with a dog and when he's gone there's a void you can't fill.

So, late this afternoon I set off on my daily walk, covering three miles, I've been doing this loop each day since the 15th of September. Each day the colors a little more vivid, the grouse and I dance, they for the cover and me for my dinner.

I still have not gotten another bird dog, I've just not been able to do it. When I parted with Kota last November something changed. Now I cruise the timber roads alone, though I think his spirit is with me, we're both haunted by the birds.

Can't wait to get my Gamekeeper bag from Skab, then I can stop hanging grouse off my HPG kit bag.

Here's a look at the bag I had Skab make for me, complete with game hangers. Should be here next week.

And so the road turns home...


  1. Truly awesome photo essay. Well done sir! Keep 'em comin!


  2. Great pictures. Fall colors are one of the best sights in nature. We're still green here but I'm looking forward to the change. Hope you keep getting out Jim.

  3. Oww.. those colours. Is there anytghing more beautiful than autumn at its peak?
    You got me drooling all over looking at that bag! You lucky..... (whateveryouwannacallyourself)! ;)
    I wish I could roam the forests around here and do some hunting myself. oh well, I'll keep hunting potatoes for now ;)

  4. Beautiful and peaceful. I still have to look into dipping quail eggs in wax, I will let you know what I find, I hope receive more eggs tomorrow.

  5. Great pictures, buddy. Looks a lot like that here now, too.


  6. Awesome stuff. What kind of camera are you using?