04 October 2013

Moose Toe Bone Firesteel

My el cheapo tent stove came in today, and knowing I've got work to do to it to make it woods worthy for winter time hot tenting I set about burning it in today. In fact it's still burning now and will be long into the night. I'll update the stove progress this weekend.

While letting the stove burn I took the idle time to make another firesteel. The handle for this one is a Moose Toe Bone, the firesteel is set about 2" in and epoxied in place. The firesteel blank is the 'Moose' model from Goinggear.com

Technically, it is the Long Pastern bone, specifically.


  1. That's one wicked looking firesteel, but I love it!
    I guess it is easier to handle than those d*mn small round plastic thingies...

  2. I love the way you do your firesteels, if you'd be so kind as to do a tutorial one day it'd be much appreciated.

  3. Unique piece. I like it.