20 August 2013

Update on the wood shed

A little bit ago I posted about a Wetterlings splitting maul and there were some pictures of my woodshed back then, that was July and I've not had a lot of time to add to it but we've managed to fill it as of this past weekend.

Shed is 24' wide, 14' deep and the stacks are 7' high, doing the traditional math that's 2,352 cubic feet and when divided by the common cord requirement of 128cf it would appear I'm sitting on over eighteen cords of wood. Been figuring around 6 or 7 cords a winter on average, though that shot up to 12 cords in a winter once but the quality of that wood wasn't the greatest.

Well here's the shed as of the end of the weekend, packed to the gills mostly. I'm breathing easier these days as not only is this done, but I've got about this much more again seasoning in the back. I've given up my old ways of cutting in the fall. I wait for winter and snow now, cut the old logging road open and skid everything out with the wheeler. No fuss no muss, no heat no bugs, no big crowns to deal with, nope, heck of a lot cleaner and I get the true meaning of wood heats twice, once when you process and once when you burn.

There's a certain satisfaction standing in this shed, the kind that comes from good clean work done for yourself by yourself. Nothing quite like it to be found anywhere else, least that's been my experience.

Hope your winter preps are as far along as you want them!


  1. So totally unrelated to the wood shed post, but are you still using that Hill People Chest Bag? Just curious because I hadn't noticed it in recent posts.

    1. Yes, but sent it off for some custom alterations. As soon as I get the revised model back you'll see it again. I can't wait to get it either.

  2. Being from south of the south, I've never actually seen a home heated by wood burning. It's an impressive feat of prepwork it looks like though! Is the wood fed into a central burner and then pumped somehow through metal ductwork? Is that a fairly common heating method up there, or is it something you have intentionally worked at for your own family's independence?

    1. There are central type burners, and outdoors burners that heat water sending it back through the house providing heat and hot water but mine is neither of those.

      I use a cast iron stove, a pretty large model. It's in the main room of the home up on a stone hearth. It'll take a 24" long round, and holds a lot of wood. My ceiling is 20' above in the main room so the stove pipe travels to and through the ceiling, it's 8" pipe. This becomes a secondary radial source of heat, but the primary is the cast iron stove radiating heat.

      It's a different kind of heat, there's no pumping through ductwork, just radial heat. The primary heats the whole first and second stories of the house easily. I have a smaller stove in the basement heating that level.